"It is the story of legends. He came from a school of old craftsmen that taught him pattern making. It was in a little hub of old Dubai where he honed his skills and took his level of creativity to another standard.

He worked for pennies just to prove his talent to anyone who would buy it.

And then came those kaftans with that store SAUCE and together they championed a whole new cult of fashion and ready-to-wear, where just about every single woman in the Middle East fell in love with him and his work.

He kept an almost elusive and reclusive profile to the extent that people believed he did not even exist and from there on it added even more allure to his personA and his product.

He won evey covetable award including the GRAZIA DESIGNER OF THE YEAR three years consecutively and has graced the cover of FORTUNE ARABIA, SOCIETY DUBAI, D-JOURNAL and many more.

In the past ten years he has amassed a fortune of goodwill and today he is undisputably the biggest fashion label in the gulf.

His shows are so popular with the media and the masses that doors break down to get a seat. Literally.

And now with international stockists and some of the world's greatest designers paying great attention to his work, the world is his oyster.

His name is ESSA."

Amanda K.  Fashion Editor